Héloïse’s leukemia, the first phase

Héloïse’s treatment is going well. After the infections keeping her at more than 39°C, she drop below 34°C on the first night, but has recovered quickly and is now at normal temperatures. Because of the corticosteroids, she cannot eat salty things since 29 November which is hard, but she is a courageous little girl and is accepting the situation.

The chemotherapy started one week after the corticosteroids, on 6 December. She is so far showing no issues with the treatment. We hope to have her home for Christmas, but her foot is still painful and being taken care of. She still does not walk after 4 weeks in hospital…

After a bit of adjustment, we have now found an acceptable rhythm were I come to give dinner, and sleep beside her when she’s alone in her room, and Mummy comes in the morning to give lunch and wash her if possible. When I sleep there, I also have breakfast with her. Mummy needs to be home quite a lot too to take care of baby Antoine, who is only 10 months old and needs his Mummy a lot. Héloïse is never alone anyway: the nurses are never far, the teacher comes every week day, and there are clowns, magicians and musicians visiting. Everybody is nice and helpful… so far so good!

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