Electric cars (to be continuously updated)

Trying to make sense of which electric car is worth buying for me. I want:

  • some autopilot for motorway traffic
  • pedestrian/car automatic braking
  • 300km motorway range
  • less than 45k€ price, ideally less than 40k€

So right now, candidates are Tesla Model 3 (standard range), Nissan LEAF e-Plus (AKA 2019), Kia Niro EV and Hyundai Kona Electric, none of which is available in France at the moment. I consider the Chevy Bolt EV/Opel Ampera-e to be dead in Europe.

I have put question marks below when the numbers are guesses of mine.

Tesla Model 3 SR Nissan LEAF e-Plus Hyundai Kona EV Kia Niro EV
France availability Q2 2019 or later Q4 2018 (acc. to local dealer) Summer 2018 Q4 2018 (salon de Paris)
Base price 39k€ 39k€? 39k€? 40k€?
Gross battery capacity (kWh) 52 64 64 64
Battery supplier Tesla/Panasonic LG Chem LG Chem LG Chem
EPA Range (km/miles) 354/220 362/225 402/250 383/238
Battery thermal management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Charge connector type(s) Tesla CCS Chademo+CCS or Chademo+CCS-Combo or CCS-Combo CCS-Combo CCS-Combo
Fast battery charge max power (kW) 120? 100+ 80 80?
Slow battery charge max power (kW) 7.7 11-22 7.2 7.2?
Motor power (kW/hp) 192/258 160/215 150/204 150/204
0-100km/h (s) 5.6 6.5 7.6 7.6?
Reversible Heat Pump No Yes? Yes Yes?
Adaptative Cruise Control/Auto Lane Keep $5000 option N-Connecta has ProPilot option? yes, standard? yes, standard?
360° camera No? Yes? No? No?
5-seater Need to see European model, floor very high at the back Yes but huge central floor hump Yes but little back space. Very low central floor hump though (2.5cm/1in)