Losing hair

Phase 4 is ending and things are going well, but as predicted by the doctors, Héloïse is eventually losing her hair. Ana Paula cut it so it would be less dramatic.

Héloïse kindly accepted that I post this photo from last Monday. Today I could see her skull and I think she will be bald within a few days.


If you think she looks fatter than usual, then yes she does. This is because of the medicines. She shall look slimmer when phase 5 ends!

Phase 4 going well

Not having much to report in Héloïse’s case is a good thing: it means things are going smoothly. Indeed, she starting her fourth phase out of five, and though she developed an allergy for her chemotherapy, there is an alternative that she supports better.

Now we need to make sure that the corticosteroids don’t make her over-eat too much… She just can’t stop eating, and only a small type of aliments, usually pasta 🙁 We can’t complain after we got so worried that she was losing weight during phase 3…