New versions of my backup software and its companion library

HBackup, my backup software has just seen it version 2.0.0 release. The version bump is due to the enhanced backend which now supports storing file data in chunks. This saves huge amounts on disk space for certain files such as databases and mail files. The former are often modified in some scattered places only, while the latter often get data appended at the end.

The companion library HToolBox has also seen a release that goes with HBackup, at 1.7.0. Nothing really stands out.

Changing jobs

As most of you probably know by now, Texas Instruments (AKA TI), which still is my employer, is going to close down its Villeneuve Loubet development centre. The official notification is expected end of June. Knowing that the decision from TI was taken middle of November, one can understand why Google and Amazon are not keen on investing in France! 7½ months to close down a site is just absurd IMO.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough, like a number of my ex-colleagues, to suspend my work contract with TI and start a new job, at NVIDIA. The job is interesting and the colleagues are very nice, helpful and knowledgeable, so I am quite happy so far!

BTW, TI was not about calculators but processors for phones and tablets and NVIDIA in France is not about graphics card (where they are n°1) but modems and integrated processors for phones and tablets.

Phase 3 finished, with excellent results

The third injection of phase 3 made Héloïse sick for a week, after which we went back to hospital. We were told that the problem was acetone and it could be avoided by giving water with sugar in small quantity at regular intervals. Had they told us that before, she would not have lost a lot of weight!

For the fourth injection, belated by lack of white globules, we went prepared. Coke was sweet enough and did the trick. She went out Sunday afternoon, thus ending phase 3. The result so far are excellent…