I²C bit banging

So I ordered another of those cheapo relay boards from Denkovi. This one has a TCN75 temperature sensor controlled by I²C, thus using two pins of the FTDI FT245R chip.

This is when I realised that I had to implement the I²C bit banging myself, and that the Web was not full of ready-to-work implementations 🙁

This is not a difficult task though and only took me a few hours. The code is in available under the GPL and can be found here.

Back and forth

So Héloïse did come home again after a few days, and she even started walking again (kinda.) But then last Tuesday, when she entered hospital for her last perfusion of chemotherapy, her foot had got worse.

This foot looked like a side issue so far, something that was getting back in order and was under control. It now appears that we need to keep and eye on it as it may take time to cure and will bother us until the chemotherapy ends and Héloïse recovers her natural defenses.

Still, the doctors are not overly worried and the infection is not big, so chemotherapy shall resume very soon and hopefully we will soon enter phase 3. Also, Héloïse seems to be doing OK fighting the Leukemia, so we keep our hopes high!

It was never going to be easy. If it does not worsen, this will hopefully soon be just a bad memory…

On a side note, this site is now open for registration, so feel free to post comments/questions!