Back to hospital

Héloïse had a bit of temperature yesterday and her foot was swollen, so we went back to hospital. This is going to delay the treatment a little as the chemotherapy would help the infection develop. We first need to reduce the infection before things can resume.

The good point is that she is not too low on natural defenses so we don’t need to wear protective gear to approach her.

End of phase 1

The first 35 days of treatment ended today. She had a puncture done so we expect the myelogram hopefully tomorrow, then we’ll know at which level we are. It could be one of:

  • VLR: very low risk
  • AR1: average risk 1
  • AR2: average risk 2
  • VHR: very high risk

The analysis will tell how much residual disease is present and will determine the chemotherapy mix she’ll get and for how long.

This trial description may help understand a bit better how the groups are defined… Could not find anything better yet 🙁

Fingers crossed!

A good start for 2013


  • the family of the streptococcus in her leg is known and the antibiotics targeted to it.
  • her bum that had got damaged with recent chemotherapy is recovering, thouth some wounds will take a little longer.
  • her 35-day long induction is ending tomorrow, and the corticosteroid treatment with it, so she will be able to eat salty food again.

But the best news in a while: HÉLOÏSE IS BACK HOME!!!