Some news

No news, good news!

I did not post in a long time because things are going rather smoothly. Héloïse is still on the path to full recovery and is doing wonderfully at school. She still likes to dress and can change clothes several times a day, to her mother’s despair.

Her brothers are OK too. Pierre has had some support with writing and Ana Paula and I are now jealous of his wonderful handwriting. He can draw as well, which I never could, so I am stunned every time by his skill and creativity.

Antoine is as funny as ever, and as naughty too. We had to put locks on doors that we did not want him to mess with. He talks a lot and we start understanding a little, but as his brother and sister, he is taking longer than other children because of the multi-lingual environment.

Ana Paula is fine too. The house slowly starts resembling what she wants it to be, and lets me enjoy restful week-ends.

ER6-F ’06-’08 mirror replacement

I could not find much on the net about this so I thought I’d take a few pictures and post them… The operation should take less than an hour, taking your time and cleaning the parts as you go 🙂 These are the tools you’ll need: Phillips screwdriver, 10mm spanner and 5mm Allen key.


First thing is to remove the windscreen (easy), then the fairing side tops as shown here. They lift upwards to free themselves from the central part:


Next, remove the central piece, held by two Phillips screws:


The bike will look like this:


With the 10mm spanner, you should be able to unscrew the two bolts that hold the mirror:


Hope this helps!

Changing jobs

As most of you probably know by now, Texas Instruments (AKA TI), which still is my employer, is going to close down its Villeneuve Loubet development centre. The official notification is expected end of June. Knowing that the decision from TI was taken middle of November, one can understand why Google and Amazon are not keen on investing in France! 7½ months to close down a site is just absurd IMO.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough, like a number of my ex-colleagues, to suspend my work contract with TI and start a new job, at NVIDIA. The job is interesting and the colleagues are very nice, helpful and knowledgeable, so I am quite happy so far!

BTW, TI was not about calculators but processors for phones and tablets and NVIDIA in France is not about graphics card (where they are n°1) but modems and integrated processors for phones and tablets.

On extended warranties…

I did not take the extended warranty for my Bosch dishwasher. The reason is that I bet it won’t fail, or if it does, I will be able to fix it for cheap. A few days ago, after two and a half years, it failed, so I went searching the Internet for clues. It quickly became clear that only two parts where known to fail:

  • the control board can have a solder point melt
  • the flow meter can start faiing

A quick check to the control board (thanks Internet for the unmount instructions) led me to order a new flow meter for the huge amount of 24 €, P&P included. Changing it was rather easy and did the trick! No thanks, I won’t take the extended warranty – just cross my fingers instead!