Becoming a plumber!

After having tried and failed to find a decent plumber to execute my project, I have decided to take it into my own hands to do the job.

I first started with a simple water heater installation so we can wash dishes downstairs in winter too:

I then removed the last piece of lead pipe in my system and separated my circuits:

Lastly, I started replacing the temporary connections by permanent ones:

Next step is to replace the ready-to-explode steel pipe, but I am failing so far to find the ideal solution to go through my concrete walls!

Still, tiring but rewarding experience, especially as the budget is less than 1k€ including tooling instead of 2.5k€ for the cheapest quote I could get…

Integrating my Daikin A/C into HNet and openHAB

Took me some time to find out that RealTime provide devices to interact with Daikin SkyAir indoor units such as mine. This RTD-10 device talks ModBus over RS-485 links, so I also bought a USB to RS-485 adapter that works.

Thankfully, the RTD-10 comes with two cables: one that connects to the indoor unit 16V power supply (X35A undocumented connector), and one to connect the P1P2 network.

Once all was connected, I plugged the USB to my closest Raspberry Pi, [ab]used the unit test client from libmodbus, and quickly got the on/off, setpoint, fan speed and mode information, and could update it too. I can also read the Daikin remote control temperature reading.

HNet was not really ready for ‘system’ integration, but after a few hours I could read and change all settings from my openHAB application (HNet generates the whole configuration for openHAB 1.x). Of course it is now possible to set some integer to text mapping as “mode 1” does not help much, so we have mode heat (or chaud in the French openHAB sitemap).

Some news

No news, good news!

I did not post in a long time because things are going rather smoothly. Héloïse is still on the path to full recovery and is doing wonderfully at school. She still likes to dress and can change clothes several times a day, to her mother’s despair.

Her brothers are OK too. Pierre has had some support with writing and Ana Paula and I are now jealous of his wonderful handwriting. He can draw as well, which I never could, so I am stunned every time by his skill and creativity.

Antoine is as funny as ever, and as naughty too. We had to put locks on doors that we did not want him to mess with. He talks a lot and we start understanding a little, but as his brother and sister, he is taking longer than other children because of the multi-lingual environment.

Ana Paula is fine too. The house slowly starts resembling what she wants it to be, and lets me enjoy restful week-ends.

À Léna

Ce soir j’ai croisé
Un jeune homme et une dame agée
Leurs yeux de la même couleur
Ils ont touché mon cœur

J’étais allé voir ma fille
Dans une de ces chambres stériles
Et je devais repartir
Pour manger et dormir

J’étais dans un lieu surprenant
Ou n’entrent pas les enfants
Sauf bien sur ceux qui sont là
Où les fenêtres ne s’ouvrent pas

Malgré tout j’étais presque heureux
Tout n’allait pas pour le mieux
Mais quand même une certaine chance
Nous avait souri vu les circonstances

Puis j’appris et je compris
Pourquoi ces gens m’avaient saisi
Pourquoi mon cœur s’est arrêté
Lorsqu’en silence ils m’ont regardé

Ce soir j’ai croisé
Un jeune homme et une dame agée
Leurs yeux de la même couleur
Rouge, couleur de pleurs

12 mars 2013.

ER6-F ’06-’08 mirror replacement

I could not find much on the net about this so I thought I’d take a few pictures and post them… The operation should take less than an hour, taking your time and cleaning the parts as you go 🙂 These are the tools you’ll need: Phillips screwdriver, 10mm spanner and 5mm Allen key.


First thing is to remove the windscreen (easy), then the fairing side tops as shown here. They lift upwards to free themselves from the central part:


Next, remove the central piece, held by two Phillips screws:


The bike will look like this:


With the 10mm spanner, you should be able to unscrew the two bolts that hold the mirror:


Hope this helps!

One year ago

One year ago, Ana Paula called me home early to bring Héloïse to hospital as she had pain in her foot. She still associates her foot pain to her long stay in hospital and the never ending treatment.

Hopefully, one year from now, the treatment will be finished, her hair will have regrown to more girl-looking size, and we will all take a deep breath. Then one day she will know that it was not just foot pain.

Disneyland Paris

Héloïse (2)

Thanks to the Lions Sport Action and their partner Disneyland Paris, we went to this wonderful park beginning of this month. The children and parents had so much fun!!! There are some pictures of Héloïse and Ana Paula in the slide show on the Lions page, in particular on the last slide.

This has been an unexpected and wonderful escape to our every-day routine of the last months, so thanks to all those who made this happen, especially Mr Guy Matelot.